Discuss Dragonfly

What about the story excited you? Intrigued you? Who is putting up paintings all over the school? What is the secret of Orchid Girl’s perfume? Where is Flapper Girl rushing off to so urgently?

What’s on Dragonfly’s playlist?

And which number will Dragonfly call first, and why?

This is the place to discuss all things Dragonfly!

(You can read about my story “Dragonfly” here)


2 thoughts on “Discuss Dragonfly”

  1. Wow, seriously, how has no one commented on this? Since recieving that issue of Cicada (I don’t remember which month/year, but I still have it) I have read and re-read Dragonfly at least two dozen times. It never gets old. I can taste it in my mind. You, Mr. Kershner, paint in exquisite flavors, as well as colors and scents. The entire story is like a sensory and emotional dessert that you bury your face in and finish all too quickly. Still remains one of the most evocative, artfully-written short stories I have ever encountered. From time to time, I wish there was an entire novel about Dragonfly, but then I realize that part of the delightfulness of it is the length, just a tantalizing glimpse of her life. Thank you so much for Dragonfly. I aspire to hone my craft as finely as you have with this piece.

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